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CNC Lathes by EMCO is truly a masterpiece of modern stationary multi-functional automated equipment for fast and accurate machining of workpieces of metals and alloys different in structure. Such CNC lathe is well-adapted both for manufacturing of single parts and for serial manufacturing of such complex parts as:

  • steel gear;
  • steel stepped connection shaft;
  • brass angle mouthpiece;
  • titanium thigh joint;
  • steel adapters;
  • excentric flanges;
  • piston pushers and many others.

The part size is mostly dependent on the machining area dimensions ant the power of the machine tool.

Products obtained by means of EMCO lathes are demanded in the following spheres:

  • manufacturing of machine tools;
  • machine-building;
  • automotive vehicle manufacturing;
  • prostheses manufacturing

Beside that, automated CNC lathes may be used in design bureaus and higher education institutions for engineer training.

It is very easy to buy CNC lathes, just call JSC “DIOMASH-ENGINEERING”: 8 (495) 646-17-44, 510-55-08 or fill-in the inquiry form in our web-site, and our specialists will accept your order.

Distinctive Features of EMCO’s CNC LathesТокарный-станок-с-ЧПУ-300x225

The difference of these machines from the machine tools of the past century is the automatic cutting tool feeding to the workpiece axis. The conventional slide with a chisel holder and handwheel for manual feeding has been replaced by multi-position turrets fed to the workpiece by servo drives. As you see, even cheap CNC lathes by EMCO are better than a conventional lathe for manned operation.

However, the basic difference of CNC lathes from EMCO is PLC-based control with colour touch panels for program input and real-time monitoring of the parts graph during the cycle.

A CNC lathe is well-thought even in such secondary aspects like chips removal. Here, the machining is performed automatically by means of a magnetic chips conveyor dumping the chips outside the safeguards into a roller pulley.

Benefits of CNC Lathes

  • a hydraulic system with integrated fluid power stations;
  • tool feeding for machining without dead zones;
  • pressure regulation of the coolant;
  • an automatic lubrication system;
  • closed machining area;
  • high machining speed.

Beside that, a CNC lathe features a high manufacturing capacity 2-3 times higher than that of mechanically controlled machine tools.

The equipment by EMCO is also distinguished by:

  • energy saving;
  • complete automation of the machining cycle;
  • utmost machining accuracy;
  • possibilities for modernization;
  • versatility.

Pricing of CNC Lathes

EMCO is Austria’s biggest machine tool manufacturer with high international reputation due to innovative solutions. The products of the company are traditionally distinguished by operation stability and simple maintenance. JSC “DIOMASH-ENGINEERING” is the official representative of EMCO Group in Russia, so that it is possible to maintain fair pricing

The price of a CNC Lathe may be affected by:

  • The number of ordered units;
  • Model selection for specific manufacturing goal;
  • Distance to the region of delivery;
  • The price may also vary depending on the services to be purchased (procurement, customs clearance, delivery, installation).

As you see, there are numerous pricing factors. We utilise exclusively individual approach to each client.

Get to know your CNC lathe price in the most simple way: enter the page with the required equipment and click the “Get the price” button, in the appearing form, fill-in all required data, and our specialists call you back within a shortest possible term.

Buying CNC Lathes for a Fair Price?

JSC “DIOMASH-ENGINEERING” offer well-approved machine tool models, ready for quick delivery. EMCO has transferred a part of its factories to Russian territory, that is why we can offer you the best Russian-made CNC lathes.

EMCO’s equipment has an optimim price vs quality ratio being one more factor in favour of the purchase.

If there are still questions or need a consultation, just call 8 (495) 646-17-44, 510-55-08. Our specialists will accept your inquiry, answer all questions and give a professional consultation on the equipment.