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Lathes with Cyclical Control EMCOMAT

Emcomat lathes are a good alternative to CNC machine tools. For the time being, EMCO Group has leading position in the manufacturing of reliable and durable machining equipment. The products of this Company are manufactured in Austria, Germany and Italy.

The large spectrum of models of this equipment will satisfy desires of any buyer. All machine tools ensure high accuracy of the works performed, independently on the work complexity and the cutting conditions. Original hi-tech machine tools by EMCO are capable of manufacturing the most complex and accurate parts.

Emcomat Lathe Models

EMCOMAT-E 160 lathes are equipped with high-performance control techniques with graph machining simulation and a user-friendly operator panel. This equipment is distinguished by wear resistance and long operation lives.

EMCOMAT E300-480 machine tools are an ideal example of optimal price-quality ratio. Robust and reliable cast iron machine frame features vibration -absorption properties. The tightly closed machining area and safeguards protecting the axes’ drives against the chips guarantee safe and failure-free equipment operation. Steplessly controlled main drive makes such type of machine tools simple and easy in use and maintenance. These machine tools are equipped with a hi-tech control system featuring user-friendly dialogue programming and an operator panel on a swing arm.

EMCOMAT 14S-20D are mostly used for manufacturing of single items or small series. They have operational and technical specifics similar to that of high-quality thread-cutting lathes. The nice ergonomics and cycling are the main benefits of such machine tool. Such models are made of rigid thermally stable high-quality cast iron. The machine frame of these machine tools is fastened by four anchor points, to prevent vibration and displacement during machining. The distinctive feature of the equipment are digital indication of coordinates, maintaining of stable cutting speed, frequency control of the RPM value, automatic spindle brake, strong precision bearings, thermally stable structure.

It should also be highlighted that all equipment of this series enjoys the best feedback of the customers of our Company.