Horizontal lathes EMCOTURN – buy in Moscow from the authorized distributor

Horizontal Lathes EMCOTURN

EMCOTURN Series of CNC Lathes is a product of Austrian Company EMCO, one of market leaders in machine tool manufacturing. Al EMCOTURN machine tools have European quality and comply with all relevant requirements and standards of the EU. The Company provides for its equipment a warranty of 1 year, independently upon machine hours and operation intensiveness.

The manufacturing of the equipment is based on modular principle. Each model is a set of unified assemblies for considerable reduction of the prime cost of the machine tool and its customization for specific requirements of the customers. Advanced developments by leading companies including Rexroth-Star and Fanuc have been implemented in the design of EMCO products.

As assured by specialists of JSC “DIOMASH-ENGINEERING”, EMCOTURN Series unites reliable high-quality CNC machine tools. They make it possible to machine shafts, bushings, as well as bars of different diameters.

Modern lathes are reliable multi-function equipment for use in different enterprises. CNC machine tools make to possible perform different works for manufacturing of parts of streamlined shape. By means of EMCOTURN lathes it is possible to drill holes and to cut threads, to turn internal and external surfaces.

Machine tools from a European manufacturer mean high quality to a reasonable price. The machine frame design is distinguished by high rigidity, whereas the headstock and the wear-resistant bearings ensure high machining accuracy and a prolonged operation life of the equipment.

If so required, the machine tools can be equipped with an instrument for bar feeding and a tray for reception of finished parts. It is also possible to integrate a system of tool wear and breakage monitoring.

EMCOTURN Lathes: Features and benefits

EMCOTURN machine tools allow for maximum manufacturing capacity. Machining centres may have different configurations dependent upon the manufacturing specifics. The machine tools often feature dialogue programming and additional С-axis. Number of live tools up to 12.

Advantages of the units:

Compact size;
The headstock is thermally symmetrical;
The machine frame is very strong;
Linear roller guides are pre-strained along all axes;
Dynamic servomotors for energy-saving cutting.
The machine tools ensure fast turning of parts, as well as their boring and drilling. They are suitable for milling of grooves and flats, work with complicated surfaces and structural elements. Each machine tool is equipped axial and radial live tools.

Purpose of EMCOTURN lathes

The machining centre is suitable for machine-building enterprises, it can be used for manufacturing of hydraulic and pneumatic components, automotive parts and all possible instruments. EMCOTURN lathes ensure manufacturing automation allowing for their successful operation not only in medium serial manufacturing, but also for large series of parts. The equipment ensures fast change-over for manufacturing of parts of other types. JSC “DIOMASH-ENGINEERING” offers machine tools of EMCOTURN Series for a good price. We assist you in the selection of appropriate equipment, make its adjustment and train you staff in the operation specifics. The models are offered for reasonable price.