3d CNC milling machine for metal processing— buy in Moscow, low prices

3D CNC Milling Machines for Metal Processing

Almost in all spheres of contemporary industry, machine tool are used or other equipment for manufacturing of complex parts (flanges, shafts, adapters, bodies, etc.). For manufacturing of such components 3D CNC milling machines for metal processes are used, with feeding of the cutting tool along three axes with reference to the workpiece axis.

3D CNC Milling Machine for Metal Processing: Distinctive Features

Machine tools of such type feature a number of distinctive features for increasing of manufacturing capacity and improvement of machining quality. Here are the main features:

  • The main actor is a high-speed water-cooled spindle with holder for changeable cutting tools. The spindle head slide is positioned on precision linear guides.
  • All machining is performed in an enclosed machining area with automatic panel doors. The safety system will not start the operation until the door is not completely closed. The cycle progress can be monitored through large windows with strong glass.
  • A 3D CNC milling machine for metal processing features clamping devices, a tool changing system, measurement stations, feedback stations, chips containers and conveyors, a coolant conditioning and supply system.
  • The workpiece and parts handling system is designed in accordance with the type and size of the machine tool, the geometry of the basic workpieces and machined parts: slewing or gantry loading with workpiece and finished part belt conveyors.
  • A 3-axes CNC milling machine features an automatic control system based on an on-board industrial PC with a comprehensive (monitoring of malfunction, automatic uploading and storage of the program for each specific part, etc.). That is, all working processes and auxiliary functions are started and monitored by the central control system.

Why a 3D CNC Milling Machine by EMCO Group is Worth Buying

EMCO utilizes consequent and responsible approach to the use of resources in the machine tools for long-term investments. That is already why it is a good investment to buy 3D CNC milling machines by EMCO. Beside that, all the way from the design to the material implementation special attention is paid to rational use of raw material and energy for significant savings in two places:

  1. Reduced basic energy consumption of machine tools. That is, the assembly units are included and expelled on demand, and the installed power is reduced to a minimum.
  2. Reduced alternating consumption: implemented in the lighting, the energy recovery system, speed increase of the basic parts and a shorter process chain.

Due to such approach, a 3D CNC milling machine by EMCO Group exceeds in many aspects conventional electromechanical machine tools. Benefits:

  • high performance due to process automation. 2-3 times higher then in manually operated machine tools;
  • the machining time of one workpiece batch is significantly less than that of the conventional equipment; possibility of fast transit from one program to the other during the change-over, due to machining part storage in the controller memory;
  • reduced personnel labour costs. One operator can simultaneously monitor the machining process of several machines.

The price of a 3D CNC milling machine is higher than that of the conventional electromechanical equipment, but it completely complies with the declared quality. At correct organization of the manufacturing process, the high manufacturing capacity of such machine tools contributes to a fast return of the purchase cost and a fair profitability.

Ordering procedure

 JSC “DIOMASH-ENGINEERING” is authorised to represent the products of the Austrian EMCO Group in the Russian market.  When you order the equipment from us you get a turnkey solution. That includes all hardware and software components, from automatic workpiece clamping to the discharge of finished parts.

JSC “DIOMASH-ENGINEERING” can offer you 3D milling machines for metal processing of any model suitable for any types of machining of workpieces up to 1050 mm dia. and a travel range of up to 580 mm, with 1 to 400 kgs weight and even more, on request.