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Vertical CNC Milling Centre

A vertical CNC milling centre is a hi-tech device distinguished by high manufacturing capacity and machining accuracy. With its help, it is not only possible to modernize a factory, but also to save budgetary funds.

Such machine is widely popular in enterprises whose values are accuracy and speed of workpiece machining. As a matter of fact, the basic benefits of such equipment are not only accuracy and manufacturing capacity, but also a high level of automation.

In most cases, these centres are used for complex part surface machining in different ways. The most popular machining methods of this machine are drilling, milling, boring.

Special features of vertical CNC milling centre

Very often, the machining in the vertical CNC milling centre is performed in 3 coordinates. But some manufacturers, mostly foreign, provide extension of such units up to 4 and even 5 coordinate axes. The basic machine configuration includes not only a programmable control system, but also an automatic tool change mechanism and a coolant system.

The working coordinate axes X, Y and Z are based in their functioning on integrated linear guides. Due to that an opportunity is provided for accurate workpiece machining in conditions of optimal stability. A good load capacity makes the machine indispensable during large parts machining.

Between the linear guides a ball screw drive of the X-axis is installed. A powerful electrical X-axis feed motor is completely and reliably enclosed. Due to that, no dirt and dust are deposited on the linear drives of the milling centre, thereby they are reliably protected against damages.

A robust structure made of high-quality steel is capable of carrying big loads and reliably dampens vibrations during the machining. A distinctive feature of the vertical CNC milling centre is that the spindle and the spindle head are fixed on the column as a single mechanism. The spindle is driven by an asynchronous electrical motor via a belt transmission or by direct coupling.

The price of a vertical CNC milling centre depends on the scope of optional accessories, specifications and the manufacturer. Just call us, so that we can select an ideal variant for your manufacturing: +7(495) 646-17-44