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Lathes MAXXTURN High-Performance Centres

Maxxturn machine tool series by Emco Group is a family of high-capacity CNC turning centres.

EMCO Maxxturn machine tools allow for manufacturing of a vast spectrum of parts. Maxxturn Series is distinguished by a high level of accuracy of the parts machining. The functionality of Maxxturn Series allow for manufacturing of, e.g. shafts and bushes with a high level of precision.

EMCO Maxxturn Machine Tool Series

  1. EMCO MAXXTURN 25.A versatile lathe for hi-tech machining of small-size parts with ultimates requirements to the manufacturing precision. Allows for machining of clamped parts with 85 mm dia., round parts — up to 25 mm dia. Features a sub-spindle, a place is envisaged for 12 toolholders VDI16 in the tooling head. 36 index positions with option for extensions up to 42.
  2. EMCO MAXXTURN 45.A versatile lathe for machining of parts manufactured of bar workpieces, as well as for chuck works. A high-rigidity of Y-axis in combination with long travels allow for turning of parts with highest possible accuracy.
  3. EMCO MAXXTURN 65.Complex machining of single-piece and bar workpieces. Highly accurate C-axis with a highly rigid Y-axis and long travel range allows for milling operations with this machining centre. High travel speeds of movable assemblies for high machining speed.
  4. EMCO MAXXTURN 95. Chuck and bar workpiece machining. Liquid-cooled spindle, Highly accurate C-axis with a highly rigid Y-axis and long travel range allows for hi-tech machining operations with this machining centre with high manufacturing capacity.
  5. EMCO MAXXTURN 110.A versatile turning centre allowing for parts machining like shafts and in the chuck. Designed for machining operations presuming heavy cutting. Good surface finish and possibility of manufacturing of precision parts make this machine tool a “must-have” item in the machine tool fleet of a precision machinery maker.

Maxxturn Series: Basic Benefits

  • A motor  spindle with a cooling system. Maxxturn CNC machine tools are designed for continuous operation within long periods of time. Such operation mode of metal turning equipment requires a cooling system for the spindle drive unit.
  • Possibility of manufacturing of parts requiring hi-tech machining methods due to the highly accurate C-axis.
  • Sub-spindle for drilling and light milling.
  • A modern FANUC or SIEMENS CNC system.

“DIOMASH-ENGINEEERING”: Supply, Installation, Commissioning.

JSC “DIOMASH-ENGINEERING” has a long experience of supplies, adjustment, repairs and service maintenance of the machining equipment by EMCO Group. Our technicians have sufficient and experience and qualification to integrate CNC turning centres in enterprises of any manufacturing specifics.

If your enterprise needs to master the manufacturing of new hi-tech products requiring CNC turning centres of high manufacturing capacity, then you should consider MAXXTURN Series and its basic benefits. Our specialists will help you to select a machining centre with a most complete spectrum of machining operations required for products manufacturing in your enterprises.