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High-Speed Gantry Milling Centres EMCO MECOF

A gantry CNC milling machine for metal processing is a structure with a milling head attached to a cross-beam between two columns. Such framework is similar to a gantry giving the name to the equipment class of CNC gantry milling machine.

The first gantry type milling machines were developed and made by a new machine-building enterprise in the German city of Chemnitz in 1848, that is, not so long ago. One of the first machine tools built in that time was a gantry milling machine. The machine was a further development of already known operation principles.

Due to the integration of computer technologies, once CNC-controlled  machine tools were made, after that, gantry CNC milling machines appeared. The selection spectrum extends from small machines to types with work tables, placing heavy workpieces of many tons weight.

Gantry-Type CNC Milling Machines in Industry

In the industry, gantry-type CNC milling machines for metal processing are generally used for machining of large surfaces, e.g. when turning big panels. In many cases, gantry-type machines feature two additional milling heads on the crossbeam in addition to the milling head on the columns, so that all sides of the machined part can be processed simultaneously per one pass. Smaller gantry-type CNC machines with step motors are often used as engraving machines for surface machining, metering or plasm cutting. A gantry-type milling machine with dimensions 1500 x 1000 x 200 mm is suitable for mobile use.

The considered equipment type is mostly performed, in machine-building and heavy industry. For example, cast steel and cast iron machine frames are manufactured with such machines, as a whole, such machines are suitable for heavy machining of tool steel and titanium.

Nowadays, there is a number of manufacturers in the world specialized in gantry-type milling machines – EMCO MECOF, FOREST-LINE, ZIMMERMANN, WALDRICH-COBURG, SNK, SCHIESS ASCHERSLEBEN, MAZAK, BOEHRINGER, MIKROMAT, TOS и KOLB. The range of products offered by Austrian company EMCO may be found in its official web-site, consultations are provided by our specialists.