EMCO Hyperturn 65 Powermill – buy in Moscow, low prices
EMCO Hyperturn 65 Powermill
EMCO Hyperturn Powermill 65

Higher resolution, higher power, more opportunities: 1300 mm distance between spindles, a powerful sub-spindle allowing for 4-axes machining, directly driven В-axis for complex 5-axes milling, additional Y-axis for lower turret, proven high-quality features of Hyperturn Series make Hyperturn 65 Powermill a powerful addition for any machine tool stock.

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Technical parameters

  • Functional features

    Range over bed ø500 mm
    Distance between spindles 1300 mm
    Maximum swing over bed ø500 mm
    Maximum machining length 1040 mm
    Maximum rod diameter ø65 (opt. 76,2; 95) mm
  • Travel

    X1-axis travel 450 mm
    X2-axis travel 210 mm
    Z1-axis travel 1040 mm
    Z2-axis travel 1050 mm
    Y-axis travel 220/100 mm
    Counterspindle travel 1045 mm
  • Main spindle

    RPM 0-5000 (opt. 0-4000) RPM
    Drive power 100/40% duty cycle 21/29 kW
    Torque 250 Nm
    Spindle noze (cone) A2-6 (opt. A2-8)
    Spindle bearing diameter ø105 (opt. 130, 140) mm
    Spindle bore diameter ø73 (opt. 86, 106) mm
    Maximum chuck diameter 250 mm
  • Counterspindle

    RPM 0-5000 RPM
    Drive power 100/40% duty cycle 21/29 kW
    Torque 250 Nm
    Spindle noze (cone) KK 6
    Spindle bearing diameter ø105 mm
    Spindle bore diameter ø73 mm
    Maximum chuck diameter 250 mm
  • C-axis

    Resolution 0,001 deg.
    RPM 1000 RPM
    Spindle indexing (plate brake) 0,01 deg.
  • Turrets (radial)

    Number of tool stations (magazine capacity) 12 (driving) pcs.
    Tool shank VDI 30 (opt. VDI 40, BMT55P)
    Indexing time (tool change) 0,7 sec.
  • Live tool

    RPM 0-5000 ( opt. 4500, 12000) RPM
    Torque 25 (opt. 30) Nm
    Power rating 6,7 (opt. 10) kW
  • Milling spindle B-axis

    Tool shank HSK-T63
    Number of tool stations (magazine capacity) 20 (40/80)
    Power rating 29 kW
    Torque 79 Nm
    RPM 0-12000 (opt. 0-18000) RPM
    Angle of rotation, В-axis 220 deg.
    В-axis resolution 0,001 deg.
    Max. tool diameter 80/120 mm
    Max. tool length 250 mm
    Max. tool weight 5 kg
    Max. coolant pressure over spindle 70 bar
  • Feed drives

    Rapid travels X/Y/Z 30/30/12 m/min
    Feed force X/Y/Z 5000/8000/7000 N
    Positioning accuracy X/Y/Z 3/3/3 μm
  • Power supply

    Voltage 3/PE ~ 400 W
    Maximum voltage fluctuations +/-10 %
    Mains frequency 50/60 kHz
    Admissible temperature +10 to +35 °C
    Power rating 50 kW
  • Dimensions / weight

    Overall machine height 2490 mm
    Length х Width 5300х3350 mm
    Total machine weight 12000 kg
    Spindle axis height over floor 1315 mm

EMCO Hyperturn 65 Powermill

New HYPERTURN 65 Powermill — high manufacturing capacity for complex machining of complex parts.hyperturn_65_pm_1

Higher resolution, higher power, more opportunities: 1300 mm distance between spindles, a powerful sub-spindle allowing for 4-axes machining, directly driven В-axis for complex 5-axes milling, additional Y-axis for lower turret, proven high-quality features of Hyperturn Series make Hyperturn 65 Powermill a powerful addition for any machine tool stock.

HALLEIN — the HYPERTURN Series has been developed for increased series manufacturing capacity. Complicated cost-intensive turning, drilling, milling operations may be implemented per one workpiece feed.    Additional clamping facilities and temporary storage for parts are not needed any more, whereas the machining precision has been considerably improved. A selection in favour of of HYPERTURN will result in reduction of total machining time, stocks of additional accessories, personnel costs, as well as in reduced floorspace demand.

Due to 1300 mm distance between spindles, Hyperturn 65 Powermill ensures a higher precision during simultaneous machining by the main and the sub-spindle than similar models. A sub-spindle with 29 kW power and 250 Nm torque is sufficiently powerful for simultaneous machining with two tools. One of the main aspects of enhanced manufacturing capacity is the “4-axes machining”. One of further benefits is a milling spindle of 29 kW power, 79 Nm and 12,000 rpm, for machining of complex parts. The directly driven B-axis provides to Hyperturn 65 PM the benefits of excellent dynamics and simultaneous 5-axes machining, as well as of reduced additional tool changing time.  The additional Y-axis for the lower turret allows for simultaneous comprehensive milling and machining with the milling spindle.

A tool magazine for 20, 40, 80 tools with HSK-T63 shanks provides enhanced opportunities for comprehensive machining of complex parts with reduced mounting time of parts for individual machining for improved stability of turning and milling operations. The frontal position is ergonomically arranged and easy to set.

As alternative to VDI30 or VDI40  with a rotary magazine with 12 tools, EMCO offers a new generation of tool magazines with BMT interface and direct drive. The high stability and precision, as well as the manufacturing capacity of such milling machine are ensured for complete turning/milling machining of parts.

The machine version with a milling spindle and magazine, including a turret (SMBY/SMBY2), has a bottom transversal support with a radial  12-position magazine for 12 tools with a mechanical drive 5000 rpm.

Automatic machining and / or feeding of workpieces as decide by по EMCO robot or gantry feeder are excellent opportunities for automation efficiency enhancement.

In addition to mechanical and electrical performance, they are the control system and the software which determine the performance efficiency of the machines. That is why Emco provided Hyperturn 65 with SINUMERIK 840D-sl CNC controller by Siemens. A new user interface allows for intuitive but also simple machine programming.

Full-scale availability of the machine as far as possible is an important aspect of manufacturing capacity improvement — EMCO CPS Pilot saves machining time and costs, since the software enables clients to plan, program, model and optimize the performance in their PCs using a 3D model of the machine. The result of combining HYPERTURN with EMCO CPS Pilot is a positive multiple amplification phenomenon: the ideal interaction of CPS Pilot and HYPERTURN means that time and costs may me saved (see also EMCO CPS Pilot press-release).

HYPERTURN 65 Powermill is of special interest for serial parts manufacturing, e.g. in the automotive branch, machine-building, and processing of materials, as well as in the aircraft manufacturing.

Specifications / concept of HYPERTURN

Manufacturing technology:

The core of the machine is the basic machine.  Extraordinarily rigid and compact design of the machine is filled with vibrations absorbing material.  Reinforcing material guarantees additional stability in areas subjected to intensive loads.  Thus, the high power of the drives of the main spindle, the sub-spindle and the milling spindle can be implemented on a full scale, without limitations. Result: enhanced surface machining quality, better compliance with manufacturing tolerances, prolonged life expectancy of the tools.

Main spindle and power drive technique:

The high power of the drives, along with the torque curve, ensures economical efficiency at cutting of steel, as well as at high-speed aluminium machining. A high-speed motor by Integrated Spindle Motors (ISM) with built-in high precision bearing allows for a broad speed range combined with exclusive machining accuracy. A symmetrical spindle head combined with bearing temperature sensors and a built-in liquid cooling ensure thermal stability.

All linear movements are made by means of pre-tensioned linear roller guides. As a result, lucrative advantages of high feed speed zero backlash, long operation life, reduced consumption of lubricant and positioning precision are obtained.

Due to a unique linear guide sealing system, the work in extremely contaminated environments is no problem any more. As additional protection, the overlap joint plates are made of spring steel and fastened to the linear guide for closed sealed surface.


In terms of engineering, each spindle is an axis. It can be brought into any position and dynamically positioned with a pre-set feed profile facilitation machining of complicated profile on peripheral and external surfaces. The software required for programming of such travel (cylinder and(or) transmission interpolation) is a part of the scope of supply. Timed thread cutting and machining of parts with multiple surfaces is a part of factory settings of the machine.

Powermill turning/ milling spindle:

A powerful milling spindle with HSK-T63 tool interface may be used both for turning and drilling/milling works. The milling spindle can be continuously tilted within +/- 120° and fixed in any position. The convenient Y-axis travel range of +120 / -100 mm allows for most complicated machining including gear-cutting, turning/milling operations of crankshafts, 5-axes machining and many other operations. The tools may be, on customer’s request, may be delivered loaded in a 20-tool magazine, 40- or 80-tool chain magazine.

Y-axis in the slide of the machine turret:

Y-axis with two interpolated axes. Distributed cutting force between 2 levels adding stability in heavy-duty cutting modes of turning and milling. That means that the lower turret with live tools may also be used for complex milling in all 12 positions along with Y-axis displacement within +/- 50 mm.


HYPERTURN with modified tailstock is especially suitable ffor large series of parts like shafts.  The  tailstock is CNC-controlled, with positioning by means of a recirculating ball screw drive. That makes the travel interpolated with other axes with reduced machining time.

Machining area:

The machining area is ergonomically arranged due to good accessibility of  individual components. Generously designed free space ensures optimal chips handling, a valuable feature for machining of deficient materials. All guides feature stainless steel safeguards for prevention of damage.

Machine body — new design:

The front side is in the same height with a big window and based on the design of EMCO’s proven Linearmill 600 and MMV 2000.

The safeguard of HYPERTURN 65 PM ensures omnidirectional protection against the chips and 100% protection against coolant jets. The big window in the door ensures good overview of the machining area. The ergonomically designed control board of the machine can be horizontally swung to the centre of the machine door. The control panel can be tilted up to 90° vertically and up to 10° horizontally.

Control board:

Due to SINUMERIK 840D—sl, HYPERTURN is equipped with the most advanced control system in the market. The drive control unit and the CPU are completely digital, capable of processing up to 10 channels and 31 axes.  Part process cycles facilitate both turning and milling cycles. By means of coordinate transformation (TRANS, RED, SCALE, MIRROR), any number of machining operations may be realized in space. That is why complex machining can be realized fast and efficiently. The high quality of Sinumerik 840D-sl is implemented in high accuracy of each part. A full-layout keyboard makes programming simple.


  • · HYPERTURN 65 PM — SYB: Main spindle and sub-spindle, milling spindle with B- and Y-axis, magazine for 20 tools.
  • · HYPERTURN 65 PM — SYB: Main spindle and sub-spindle, lower turret, milling spindle with B- and Y-axis, magazine for 20 tools.
  • · HYPERTURN 65 PM — SYB: Main spindle and sub-spindle, lower turret with Y-axis, milling spindle with B- and Y-axis, magazine for 20 tools.hyperturn_65_pm_2

Control board: Sinumerik 840D line CNC is located in HYPERTURN 65 PowerMill to the right of the machining area in a rotatable swing panel.  That ensures optimal ergonomics for machine settings and in-position movements.hyperturn_65_pm_3

Requirements meeting space between the two spindles for simultaneous main and sub-spindle machining.hyperturn_65_pm_4

A milling spindle with 29 kW power, 79 Nm torque and 12,000 pm maximum speed allows for machining of most complex turning and milling parts.  Gears can be manufactured with both spindles.

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