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Technical parameters

  • Functional features

    Range over bed 820 mm
    Range over saddle 550 mm
    Distance between centres 1666/2666/3666 mm
    Maximum swing over bed 610 mm
    Maximum machining length 1500/2500/3500 mm
  • Travel

    X-axis travel 410 mm
    Z-axis travel 1560/2560/3560 mm
    Y-axis travel +100/-80 mm
  • Main spindle

  • Counterspindle

  • C-axis

  • Turret

    Number of tool stations (magazine capacity) 12
    Tool shank VDI 50
    Tool size 32x32 mm
    Tool diameter 50 mm
    Indexing time (tool change) 0,5 sec.
  • Live tool

    RPM 0-4000 RPM
    Torque 56/66 Nm
    Power rating 10 kW
    Number of tool stations (magazine capacity) 12
  • Feed

  • Automatic tailstock

    Quill cone MT 5
    Quill force 22200 N
    Travel 1300/2300/3300 mm
  • Cooling system

  • Parts catcher

  • Power supply

  • Dimensions / weight

    Overall machine height 2540 mm
    Length х Width (L1) 5400x2470 (L2) 6400x2470 (L3) 7400x2470 mm
    Total machine weight (L1) 14000 (L2) 16000 (L3) 18000 kg
    Spindle axis height over floor 1260 mm
  • A2-8 Main spindle (integrated motor spindle)

    RPM 0-3500 RPM
    Drive power 100/40% duty cycle 24/33 kW
    Torque 580/800 Nm
    Spindle noze (cone) A2-8
    Spindle bearing diameter 160 mm
    Spindle bore diameter 106 mm
    Maximum rod diameter 95 mm
    Maximum chuck diameter 315 mm
  • C -axis of A2-8 spindle

    Resolution 0,001° deg.
    RPM 1000 RPM
    Spindle indexing (plate brake) 0,001° deg.
  • A2-11 Main spindle (ZF gear 1:1 / 1:4)

    RPM 0-2500 RPM
    Drive power 100/40% duty cycle 35/42 kW
    Torque 1672/2000 Nm
    Spindle noze (cone) A2-11
    Spindle bearing diameter 190 mm
    Spindle bore diameter 125 mm
    Maximum rod diameter 110x1000 mm
    Maximum chuck diameter 400 (500) mm
  • C -axis of A2-11 spindle

    Resolution 0,005° deg.
    RPM 15 RPM
    Spindle indexing (plate brake) 0,005° deg.
  • Feed drives

    Rapid travel along X-axis 24 m/min
    Rapid travel along Z-axis 30 m/min
    Rapid travel along Y-axis 12 m/min
    Positioning accuracy by axes 3/3/5 μm


EMCO products have multiple series of different turning centres for different demands of the customers.

For example, it is the versatile software assistant for machining of shafts and parts in the chuck.

Maxxturn 110 is designed for power cutting and excellent machining of precision parts with high surface quality. The manufacturer has taken care to equip this CNC Lathe with a high-precision С-axis and a very rigid Y-axis with a wide travel range. The advantages include high rapid travel feed rate and optimal power.

As a matter of customer’s choice, EMCO Maxxturn 110 is supplied with a CNC unit by Siemens or FANUC.

The applications range of this machine tool is rather wide — lifting and transportation equipment, medical equipment, motors and vehicle components, fastening hardware, sliding parts of mechanisms, rolling bearing, components of hydraulics and pneumatics.

All supplies and comprehensive services on behalf of the Austrian group in Russia are performed by “Diomash” company (Moscow, Vekovaya Str., 21, Bldg. 1). In these matters, please, call the employees of our company: 7 (495) 646-17-44, 510-55-08 or send an e-mail info@diomash.ru.

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