EMCOMAT E-300 – buy in Moscow, low prices

Technical parameters

  • Performance specifications

    Distance between centres 1500/2000/3000 mm
    Center height 275 mm
    Range over bed ø550 mm
    Range over saddle ø340 mm
    Tool size 25x25 mm
  • Main spindle

    RPM 0-2500 RPM
    Drive power 100/40% duty cycle 25/17 kW
    Torque 764/519 Nm
    Spindle noze (cone) S 8
    Spindle bearing diameter ø160 mm
    Spindle bore diameter ø108 mm
    Maximum chuck diameter ø315 mm
    Number of gear stages stepless
  • Automatic tailstock

    Quill outward travel 220 mm
    Quill diameter ø100 mm
    Quill cone 5
  • Feed

    Rapid travel along X-axis 4 m/min
    Rapid travel along Z-axis 3 m/min
    Feed force along X-axis 1000 N
    Feed force along Z-axis 1500 N
  • Admissible part weight

    Maximum workpiece weight 1000 g
  • Power supply

    Voltage 400 W
    Mains frequency 50 kHz
    Admissible temperature 10-35 °C
    Power rating 24 kW
  • Cooling system

    Tank capacity 140/65/115 L
    Power rating 0,36 kW
    Delivery (flow rate) 5 L/min
    Pressure ~0,5-4 bar
  • Dimensions / weight

    Overall machine height 1840 mm
    Length х Width (m.ts.r.+2160)х2130 mm
    Total machine weight 3600/3900/4500 kg
    Spindle axis height over floor 1150 mm


Your 3D CNC Lathe from EMCO, with cycling control and precision mechining process monitoring.

The machine tools of this series are distinguished by almost ideal price-quality ratio. Equipped with a new emcomat e 300 control system, they are simple in operation. Their benefits are: high level of safety and maintenance comfort, stability of the structure, high flexibility. This is by far not the exhaustive list of the benefits which have been already adequately appreciated by owners.

For emcomat e300, two types of control units are available, Fagor and Siemens Sinumerik.

This machine tool is often used for machining of automotive parts, motor parts, bearings, fastening hardware systems, pneumatic and hydraulic components.

EMCO GMBH’s only goal is the improvement of the manufacturing capacity in metal processing, and it is successfully achieved by the company. “Diomash” Company (Moscow) is proud to be EMCO’s official sales partner in Russia for a long period, being ready to render services of European quality for its customers. Please call us: + 7(495)646-17-44, 510-55-08.

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