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Technical parameters

  • Functional features

    Range over bed ø250 mm
    Range over saddle ø85 mm
    Distance between centres 405 mm
    Maximum swing over bed ø85 mm
    Maximum machining length 225 mm
    Maximum rod diameter ø25,5 mm
  • Travel

    X-axis travel 100 mm
    Z-axis travel 300 mm
  • Main spindle

    RPM 60-6300 RPM
    Torque 35 Nm
    Spindle noze (cone) ø70 h5
    Spindle bearing diameter ø50 mm
    Spindle bore diameter ø30 mm
  • C-axis

    Resolution 100 deg.
    RPM 0,001 RPM
    Spindle indexing (plate brake) 3 deg.
  • Main motor

    Drive power 100/40% duty cycle 3,7/5,5 kW
  • Turret

    Number of tool stations (magazine capacity) 12
    Tool shank VDI 16
    Tool size 12х12 mm
    Tool diameter ø16 mm
    Indexing time (tool change) 0,5 sec.
  • Live tool

    RPM 0-6000 RPM
    Torque 4 Nm
    Power rating 1,2 kW
    Number of tool stations (magazine capacity) 6
  • Feed

    Rapid travel along X-axis 15 m/min
    Rapid travel along Z-axis 24 m/min
    Feed force along X-axis 3000 N
    Feed force along Z-axis 3500 N
    Positioning accuracy by axes 3/4 μm
  • Automatic tailstock

    Quill outward travel 120 mm
    Quill diameter ø35 mm
    Quill cone МТ4
    Quill force 800-2500 N
  • Cooling system

    Tank capacity 140 L
    Power rating 0,57 kW
    Delivery (flow rate) 15/65 L/min
  • Parts catcher

    Maximum length of finished part 120 mm
    Maximum diameter of finished part ø25 mm
    Maximum weight of finished part 0,5 kg
  • Power supply

    Voltage 400-3/PE W
    Maximum voltage fluctuations +/-10 %
    Mains frequency 50/60 kHz
    Admissible temperature +10 to +35 °C
    Power rating 6 kW
  • Dimensions / weight

    Overall machine height 1820 mm
    Length х Width 1700х1270 mm
    Total machine weight 1100 kg
    Spindle axis height over floor 1131 mm
  • Turret - 2

  • Feed drives


This is a versatile high-precision 3D CNC Lathe from EMCO.

What benefits are worth highlighting? The control panel utilizes digital technologies from Fanuc/Sinumerik and a colour LCD display. High-torque servomotors for higher machining efficiency. The machining area is ergonomically arranged, well-protected against chips flying by a big door of strong glass.

The main spindle has high power, with thermally stable design, a wide rpm range. The machining area is easily cleaned, the machine tool is easily transportable. As an option, a compact loader COMPACT LOAD E25 is available.

For the combination of features, Emcoturn e25 has a very favourable price. It will smoothly integrate into the machine tool fleets of companies manufacturing fastening items or medical appliances, pneumatic and hydraulic components, developing new materials.

The accumulated cooperation experience with EMCO group, a big Austrian equipment manufacturer for metal processing, makes it possible to guarantee to the customers of JSC “Diomash” supplies of quality machine tools and European-quality services. Please, call for orders and consulting — 7 (495) 646-17-44, 510-55-08.

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