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Lathe ToolTURN E45

EMCOTURN E45 Lathe is equipped with a new Y-axis, an automatically centering tailstock and extended length of the workpiece (by 200 mm).

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Technical parameters

  • Functional features

    Range over bed ø430 mm
    Range over saddle ø210 mm
    Distance between centres 687 mm
    Maximum swing over bed ø220 mm
    Maximum machining length 310 mm
    Maximum rod diameter ø45 mm
  • Travel

    X-axis travel 160 mm
    Z-axis travel 310 mm
  • Main spindle

    RPM 0-6300 RPM
    Torque 78 Nm
    Spindle noze (cone) А2-5
    Spindle bearing diameter ø80 mm
    Spindle bore diameter ø53 mm
  • C-axis

    Resolution 0,001 deg.
    RPM 100 RPM
    Spindle indexing (plate brake) 0,01 deg.
  • Main motor

    Drive power 100/40% duty cycle 9/13 kW
  • Turret

    Number of tool stations (magazine capacity) 12
    Tool shank VDI 30
    Tool size 20х20 mm
    Tool diameter ø32 mm
    Indexing time (tool change) 0,14 sec.
  • Live tool

    RPM 0-5000 RPM
    Torque 16 Nm
    Power rating 4 kW
    Number of tool stations (magazine capacity) 6
  • Feed

    Rapid travel along X-axis 20 m/min
    Rapid travel along Z-axis 24 m/min
    Feed force along X-axis 4000 N
    Feed force along Z-axis 6000 N
    Positioning accuracy by axes 3,5/4 μm
  • Automatic tailstock

    Quill outward travel 120 mm
    Quill diameter ø60 mm
    Quill cone MT4
    Quill force 5000 N
  • Cooling system

    Tank capacity 250 L
    Power rating 0,57/2,2 kW
    Delivery (flow rate) 15/65 L/min
  • Parts catcher

    Maximum length of finished part 120 mm
    Maximum diameter of finished part ø45 mm
    Maximum weight of finished part 2,0 kg
  • Power supply

    Voltage 400-3/PE W
    Maximum voltage fluctuations +/-10 %
    Mains frequency 50/60 kHz
    Admissible temperature +10 to +35 °C
    Power rating 17 kW
  • Dimensions / weight

    Overall machine height 1940 mm
    Length х Width 2250×1630 mm
    Total machine weight 3300 kg
    Spindle axis height over floor 1152 mm
  • Turret - 2

  • Feed drives

Lathe toolTURN E45

Specifications of EMCOTURN E 45 Lathe

  • main spindle with a broad speed control range,
  • tool turret with 12 VDI 16 tooling stations,
  • live tools for milling and drilling of holes,
  • С-axis for the main spindle,
  • МТ 4 automatic tailstock,
  • a stable Y-axis integrated in the basic machine.

The automation system is crowned by Sinumerik 828D, Fanuc 0iTD or Heidenhain CNC Pilot 640 CNC controllers, as well as LM 1200 rod loader.

Besides, the loader is an ideal solution for automatic feeding of ready-cut rods of up to 1200 mm length. Advantages of the loader: little floorspace demand and short loading time for shorter rods. The control unit is adapted to the machine interface.

Standard SINUMERIK 828D is a high-performance CNC controller for maximum machining accuracy and capacity ideally suitable for modern lathes. Powerful CNC functions in combination with unique 80 bit NANOFP resolution (80 bit resolution accuracy with floating decimal point of position value to the intrinsic encoder resolution) ensure maximum accuracy of machining within minimum cycle time.

The band filter with high-pressure pumps allows for coolant pressure setting 25/40/60 or 80 bar g, as may be required. One of the highlights is a device for unloading of ready parts, automatic safety door, chips conveyor, package holders for tools.

Maximum rod dia. 45 (51) mm, machined dia. up to 430 mm, spindle rpm up to 6300 (5000). Main spindle 13 kW, turret drive power: 4 kW

The extremely rigid Emcoturn Е45 lathe features compact dimensions, a thermally stable spindle assembly, pre-tensioned roller linear guides in all axes, dynamic servomotors for utility-saving machining.

What is new in the new EMCOTURN E45 lathe version?

All components relevant for the manufacturing capacity, accuracy and  operation life are optimized and oriented to the functional Customer’s demands. It is exactly the principle determining “design in accordance with pre-set value”. EMCOTURN E45 lathe completely meets this requirement by EMCO.

Equipped with a turret with 12 VDI 30 tool stations, 6 of which are for live tools, a spindle with 6300 rpm speed and 13 kW power, this compact versatile lathe for rod type workpieces with up to 45 (optionally, 51) mm dia. is ideally suitable for machining of such parts as fittings, pistons, piston rods or connection shafts.

Where are EMCOTURN lathes manufactured?

The lathes are designed and manufactured exclusively in the Central Europe, completely in accordance with EMCO’s slogan “Made in Europe’s Heart”, in cooperation with well-known European manufacturers, whose products comply with high quality, manufacturing capacity and efficiency standards.

Design features  of EMCOTURN E45 lathe

Unusual for such combination of powerful functions, EMCOTURN E45   requires very little floorspace. A strong cast machine frame, a thermally stable headstock with precision spindle bearings, pre-tensioned roller guides in all axes and SAUTER turret with quick indexing speed ensure high dynamics and machining accuracy. On Customer’s wish, a Sinumerik 828D or a Fanuc 0iTD CNC system  can be integrated, including dialogue programming  instructions ShopTurn and ManualGuide i.
Y-axis included in standard scope of supply of the lathe. This ensures maximum functionality, as well as the highest quality of all machined parts. The extremely large distance between Y-axis guides ensures smooth rotation and provides still more opportunities of complete 1-axis machining to the user.

How can you order an EMCOTURN E 45 lathe?

The rod loader is included into the system of automatic workpiece loading and machined parts unloading. The control of this extremely compact and completely integrated loader is performed from the operator panel. An exclusive combination of rotary and linear motions implemented by servomotors ensures fast and simple adjustment. Thus, the prepared workpieces can be inserted into the clamping device in required positions. After the machining is complete, the parts are extracted from lathe by means of part trap. For rational machining, we offer a a loader unit for loading of rods, including EMCO COMPACT LOAD short rod loader, a parts trap, a light signal column and an interface or EMCO TOP LOAD 8 42/8 50 loader for fully automated loading of rods 8 .. 50 mm dia. and up to 3,2 m length.

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