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Industrial Equipment from EMCO Group


Industrial Equipment from EMCO Group

Established in 1947, EMCO Group is a leader among developers of turning and milling machine tools. For the time being, it is the largest European manufacturer of metal-processing equipment.

The Group includes factories in Austria, Germany and Italy. Among them, there are such branch leaders as EMCO, MECOF, FAMUP, MAGDEBURG. All of them have positive reputations and long histories. EMCO’s common maxim is “Made in the Heart of Europe”.

The Group supplies innovative engineering solutions in the machine tool branch. Under EMCO brand, a large number of milling and turning machine tools is manufactured.


EMCO Group includes several big Companies at once.

  • EMCO. One of Europe’s leading manufacturers of machine tools. The enterprise is located in Salzburg, Austria. The commitment to the principle «Design to Cost» is the main factor in the success of the international company. The manufactured equipment implements advanced design solutions and complies with strict operational requirements.
  • FAMUP. FAMUP is part of the EMCO Group since 2005. FAMUP manufactures CNC milling centres. It is an acknowledged world leader in this market segment. Due to close cooperation with the Group, new models with enhanced specifications regularly appear in the products spectrum of the Company.
  • MECOF. MECOF is specialized in high-speed, high-precision milling and boring machining centres of gantry and horizontal type. The Company has vast experience and highly qualified engineers. The manufactured equipment is well placed to meet the requirements of both small companies and the large OEM groups in the automotive and aerospace industries.
  • MAGDEBURG. Manufacturing tradition since 1892 as producer of machine tool components and spare parts.  It is part of the EMCO Group since 2003 and plays one of the key roles within the Group.

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