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CNC Milling Machines for Metall Processing

CNC Milling Machines for Metall Processing

Modern hi-tech machining of almost all parts presumes the use of a CNC milling machine.

A distinctive feature of parts machining in CNC milling machines is a possibility of complicated machining operations supposing the use of control trajectories of complex shape.

Main advantages of CNC milling machines for metal processing:

  • Increased machining accuracy due to omission of re-clamping of the workpiece.
  • Machining of parts requiring complex processing. E.g. machining operations of shaped or curved surfaces are best performed in 5-axes milling machines.
  • Reduction of a number of part machining operations. The use of 5-axes milling machines allows for reduction of machining time cycle to a minimum.

3-axes CNC milling machines allow for part machining without re-clamping in two planes: horizontal in X- and Y-axis, and the vertical by means of the spindle head motion with the tool along Z-axis.

A 4-axes CNC milling machine for metal processing has all machining functionality of a 3-axes machine, allowing for more complex parts machining due to a rotary table with the clamped part rotating around Z-axis.

5-axes milling machines feature spindle axis and rotary table tilting. Machine tools of this type feature the broadest functionality of all milling machines allowing, beside milling operations, a number of other operations, e.g. drilling, boring, thread cutting.

EMCO CNC Milling Machines for Metall Processing

The Austrian EMCO Group manufactures a broad spectrum of equipment for hi-tech metal processing.

The spectrum of models of CNC milling machines of this company includes such series as:

  • EMCOMILL 3-axes milling centres. The machine tools allow for milling machining of small and medium size parts. The models EMCOMILL 1200, 900, 600, 350 feature travel ranges along X-axis 1200 mm, 900 mm, 600 mm and 350 mm, respectively. Integrated tool magazines with 20 tool stations are extendible up to 30 stations for he models EMCOMILL 1200, 900, 600.
  • MAXXMILL is a series of 5-axes CNC milling centres. MAXXMILL 350 and 500 are representatives of the most hi-tech machining equipment.
  • LINEARMILL is a series of high-performance 5-axes milling centres. LINEARMILL 600 HD features high machining feed rates in combination with process opportunities provided by a modern machining centre.

Where in Moscow You Can Buy a 5-Axes CNC Milling Machine

Technicians of JSC “DIOMASH-ENGINEERING” have vast experience of maintenance and repair of EMCO machine tools. During re-equipment of an enterprise by means of CNC equipment, it is important to completely take into account the specifics of manufacturing of the parts to be machined. JSC “DIOMASH-ENGINEERING” is a team of professionals with vast experience of commissioning, maintenance and repair of EMCO machine tools.

Any matters of operation, repair and service maintenance EMCO Group’s CNC milling machines can be discussed with the technicians of JSC “DIOMASH-ENGINEERING”.

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