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New Manufacturing Technologies of Machine Tools

New Manufacturing Technologies of Machine Tools

Manufacturing of machine tools is a branch of medium machine-building. Like the whole industrial manufacturing branch, the machine tool niche is developing and changing. The basic tendencies of this positive development are determined by new needs of the society, changes in the demand structure, whereas the opportunities for it are generated by the general development of technologies, also those of software and electronic solutions. The following leading updates in the machine tool manufacturing branch:

  • Development of digital control systems. Even home appliances now often have complicated PC-based control and can be connected to a computer for diagnostics and repair, nothing to say of machine tools. CNC systems are getting more and more complicated, getting more and more integrated with the machine tool.
  • Accuracy enhancement. The previous feature leads to enhancement of accuracy of the machine tools. More complicated metal machining techniques are introduced, so that the finished item gets more precise and performs more complicated works in automatic control mode.
  • Growth of scientific component. All these developments lead to the growth of scientific component within the equipment. New technologies actively involve the newest scientific achievement, whereas academic studies are in their turn aimed to the improvement and renewal of machine tool manufacturing. Fusion of science and engineering.
  • Evolution of the equipment proper. Thus, we have now not those rugged and bulky units weighing dozens and hundreds of tons. A contemporary machine tool is a hi-tech product, often having small size and weight, nevertheless high power and manufacturing capacity.

The machine tool manufacturing is moving from medium machine-building to precise engineering, instrumentation industry, robotics, radio industry and manufacturing of electronic devices (computers, etc.). The equipment gets highly saturated, enhancing its advantages not due to increased dimensions, but due to progressive sophistication of the unit and introduction of high-accuracy control methods.