Manufacturing of machine tools in Russia
Manufacturing of CNC Machine Tools in Russia

Manufacturing of CNC Machine Tools in Russia

In accordance with the Supplement to Resolution No. 719, steps were taken to increase the localization grade of EMCO CNC machine tools. As a result, the percentage of foreign-made components in MAXXTURN CNC lathes by ООО “EMCO-Rus” has been rreduced down to 63,2%.


Performed operations during manufacturing
of machine tool manufacturing by “EMCO-Rus”



grinding, turning, drilling, tapping

Metal work:

scraping, alignment and adjustment, assembly

Electrical installation:

cabling, fitting of cable lugs, CNC control panel assembly


Loading of CNC archives, machine tool activation and starting



To order a CNC machine of the Russian production

Promising development strategy

of machine tool component manufacturing

Turret manufacturing in Russia

All developments on import substitution will be applied to the localization of the above-mentioned machines and the degree of localization is initially planned at the level of 50%.

In the framework of further localization and the share increase of the domestic components over 50%, the manufacturing start of the following components is planned:

— chip conveyors

– safeguards (more complex parts)

Russian-made CNC Lathes are very popular and in high demand with the  consumers. They are used for machining of complex parts.

By their means external and internal cylindrical, spherical, cone surfaces can be  turned. Also, Russian-made CNC lathes make it possible to cut male and female threads and to drill holes. The original technological feature of Russian-made CNC lathes is that they function only after a program preliminarily set by the operator. Such program is specially developed for each specified part.

the numeric control of Russian-made CNC lathes easily detects all commands and implements the assignments input by the operator. Rather often these units may be encountered in manufacturing of medium and small serial manufacturing. Elements manufactured with these machine tools are distinguished by their interchangeability as compared with workpieces turned with foreign-made equipment.


Distinctive features of Russian-made CNC Lathes

To ensure stable functioning of Russian-made CNC lathes, they must be operated by a highly qualified operator with machining programming skills and knowledge of correct uploading of machining programs into the machine tool’s control unit. It should also be highlighted that one professional operator can simultaneously operate 2-4 machine tools.

Russian-made CNC lathes can run in two operation modes, the automatic and the semi-automatic one. The main benefit of these machine tools is that it allows for manufacturing of parts of complicated shapes.

It also allows for the following operations: turning of groves, drilling of parts, reaming, boring, countersinking of holes, chamfering, hollow chamfering, turning of cones, cutting of threads.

Russian-made CNC Lathes feature a number of benefits, just to name a few:

  • long period of stable and failure-free functioning;
  • increased machining speed;
  • low  percentage of defective finished parts;
  • user-friendly interface allowing for process monitoring in all stages;
  • simplicity in installation and adjustment.

A wide spectrum of Russian-made equipment makes it possible for the buyer to make a fast machine tool selection.

However, the leading positions in the market belong to European CNC machine tools. One of the leaders for the time being is EMCO. We have been supplying the best lathes for over 20 years, that is why we help you to select the best solution for your manufacturing.

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