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Consulting by EMCO

Consulting by EMCO

The contemporary structure of any market, also that of the industrial equipment, is so, that the companies have to use all resources and opportunities accessible for them to become a leader of the competition. Often companies need objective and true information on their activity spheres and their opportunities. EMCO’s need to outsort the consulting has lead in this case to a corresponding local service.

Diomash Company offers you authorized consulting services for EMCO. Our technicians regularly take qualification courses in EMCO factories, thus we have mastered most up-to-date methods of consulting of enterprises using EMCO equipment or similar machine tools.

EMCO Consulting Types

EMCO Consulting in the sphere of machine-tool manufacturing and equipment of factories with equipment for metal processing can be classified as management consulting implementing all three methods: expert, training and process methods:

In the framework of EMCO’s Expert Consulting, a technician can obtain objective notion of the manufacturing situation and compare it with that of the competitors. It allows for clear identification of the company’s situation in the branch.

EMCO’s Process Consulting includes an immediate assessment of the company’s manufacturing system to make up a definite manufacturing renovation plan.

Finally, EMCO’s Training Consulting concentrates on the introduction of new technologies both in manufacturing and sales of the products, personnel training – both workers and management staff of all levels and

From the point of view of economy, corporate management and marketing, the branch is not that significant for the consulting. Any sphere of activities is deployed after similar principles, that means, the conduct of the competitors will be dictated by the same logics. It is the goal of EMCO’s Consultant to explain to his/her clients what this logics is, and ow it can be implemented to leave the competition behind in the given economic space. Build-up a chain from manufacturing to sales, train the personnel in modern tricks of competition policy are the goals of any management consulting specialist.

Independently on the equipment brand of your manufacturing, EMCO-trained consultants render consulting services in a high level of quality to pleasant pricing. Please, call: +7(495) 646-17-44