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Repair of CNC Machine Tools

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Repair of CNC Machine Tools

A CNC machine tool which once has worked failure-free with excellent performance, can get out of order or obsolete. Its software or working parts sometimes require an update  or modernization.

Repairs of CNC Machine Tools ordered to JSC “DIOMASH-ENGINEERING” are performed by our own service centres located in Moscow and directed to improvement of the functionality of the machine tools under repair, increasing of the reliability of their functioning. Requirements to finished products are changed and getting stricter, that means, their manufacturing equipment shall feature reliable mechanical parts. Not less important is the system of software control and the state of order of the drives. Only regular checks and parameter corrections ensures efficient equipment operation.

The modernization of CNC equipment provides a number of benefits:

  • Opportunity to increase the loading of the equipment;
  • Reduction of downtimes for machine tool maintenance;
  • Accuracy enhancement;
  • Opportunity to use new operation sequences.

Personnel in charge of machine tool repairs will compensate their wear and check or, if so required, restore the alignment of parts for the equipment to restore the initial capability of fast and accurate assigned work performance.

Repairs of electronic hardware of CNC machine tools are a number of works to be performed in a certain sequence. As to the mechanical part, it is recommended to avoid excessive wear and tear. At normal wear and tear a repair will not be expensive, on the contrary, if the equipment has been operated too long, it will require repair works with high labour and material costs.

Professional repair supposes solving of problems caused by breakages in electrical circuits. In the manuals of the machine tools, there are often lists of the most common malfunctions with indication of troubleshooting steps. Even at serious malfunctions of CNC equipment qualified masters will clear up the problem and find a way to eliminate it.

High-Quality of CNC Machine Tools in Moscow

Precision machinery, such as CNC machine tools, requires special attention. JSC “DIOMASH-ENGINEERING” ensures high-quality service maintenance and repair of CNC Machine Tools in Moscow. All works are performed in accordance with the requirements of the manufacturer of the equipment and by professional specialists with engineering background.

We conduct:

  • PC diagnostics of the equipment;
  • documentation of defects;
  • preparation of a repair plan;
  • you get exhaustive information on the assemblies requiring repair or replacement and a repair schedule.

If your enterprise is not located in the capital but in another region just dial the indicated phone numbers, and we solve all problems with the shipment of your equipment for repair.Податчик-прутка-EMCO-LM-1200

Repair Sequence of CNC Machine Tools

Replacement of elements which got out of order or improvement of the software of CNC machine tools make considerable savings possible. Such activities are much cheaper than a purchase of new equipment.

Repairs of CNC systems of the machine tools are performed in a certain sequence:

  1. Equipment inspection and its state evaluation;
  2. Full or partial CNC system re-installation, reliability check of electrical equipment, repair of feed drives and position sensors;
  3. Works connected with the automation system programming of the machine tool;
  4. Repair and re-equipment of electrical cabinet;
  5. Equipment checks conducted in Customer’s premises.

After a deep modernization, the operators of the CNC machine tools shall be trained in operation specifics of the equipment with new software and improved functionality of the equipment entrusted to them.

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Advantageous terms of repair of CNC Machine Tools from JSC “DIOMASH-ENGINEERING”

Our company, with commitment to clients’ demands. Due to well-organized feedback and a flexible approach to the most complex problems, it is possible to provide for high-quality repairs of CNC machine tools on a timely basis.

Your benefits from co-operation with us:

  • we are an official Russian sales partner of the manufacturer;
  • the staff consists of highly-qualified professionals with engineering background;
  • We supply only original spare parts and software.

Our approach to the cooperation with clients is the minimizing of their costs. That is why we offer the most advantageous pricing, thereby we provide warranty for our services.  Please, call: +7 (495) 646-17-44.

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